Harnessing technology to empower, engage and connect communities for a sustainable future.


We use digital technology and services to help build sustainable communities, involving education, business, sport, health, emergency services and local and central government.






SYNEXUS is a consulting led Digital Technology Group that connects, engages and empowers diverse communities across the UK.

We help to create advanced communications strategies, integrate digital technologies and engineering and provide the required support services to deliver sustainable communities, power economic development and generate well-being and social purpose.

We believe that when considering the future we must be brave enough to embrace:

  • disruptive business models

  • exponential technology

  • business model innovation

  • product innovation





We are committed to building long term partnerships that look to the future, using advanced communications technologies to create digital impact today.

By integrating digital products and services, developing digital

skills and employment initiatives aligned with our network of proven partners, we are able to deliver a multi-level economic strategy designed to see the bigger picture and likely future scenarios, pursue a higher level of well-being and better serve communities.





It is more important than ever that local and central government, businesses (large and small), educational institutions, sports organisations, health organisations, emergency services and communities integrate their access to digital services, communications and strategy to flourish in the digital and technological landscape.

We believe in integrity, socio-technical equality and empowering generations by providing access to intelligent local services.  These services are designed to drive economic development by bridging the digital divide that threatens to further segregate society.