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At SYNEXUS we are able help meet your business needs by teaming up with a range of partners to offer an amazing range of digital products and services.
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The Digital Signage Board (DSB®) replaces classical pinboards and enables purposeful communication. Notes do not need longer to be printed and distributed – the content management takes place online regardless of your location. The DSB®2 is always up to date through free definable announcement periods and can display all standard file formats. When designing the content you are absolutely flexible and can control the display on each individual screen. Information can also be shared through the DSBmobile smartphone app, to reach field agents or part time employees for instance.



stashcat® is the solution for efficient communication in critical situations. Police, fire & rescue and ambulance services. Emergency management needs communication systems with special performance features and high disposability. Stashcat facilitates collaboration between the emergency services in the event of any incident or crisis situation. Communication systems have to be reliable, stable, resilient, and have to obey high security requirements.

Stashcat® is a highly secure communications platform and combines the common messaging functionality and features of WhatsApp, with its own cloud storage (like Dropbox™ and WeTransfer). Stashcat executes within a data privacy conformal communication environment with file exchange. Stashcat also helps facilitate GDPR.


change account

A superb unique digital current account offering from PCT is The Change Account. This is an e-money-based account proposition, for those seeking or needing an alternative to existing banking products.

The Change Account’s key solution features are:

  • Guaranteed Debit Card

  • Personal Bank Sort Code & Account Number

  • UK Direct Debits

  • UK Faster Payments

  • Ring Fenced Jam Jar Wallets

  • Bill Payment facilities

  • Retail Loyalty Club

  • E-Statements

  • Online, e-mail, SMS Alerts

  • Mobile Banking (IOS & Android)



We see a future where our cloud based FinTech services open up new markets. We have a vision where the deployment of our products will allow our partners to improve access to banking and payments for a broader diversity of consumers.

We offer both personal and SME banking together with corporate payment solutions.

Our approach is consultative and we build strategic partnerships.

High Street Banks are reluctant to offer accounts to new start ups or companies with international Directors. They often overcharge and offer a poor service to sectors such as ethnic minorities, young entrepreneurs and anyone with poor or no credit history. Our digital banking platform lowers the charges of community banks.

We offer honest and ethical digital banking services.

By empowering communities we unleash innovation and invest in employment.

It is generally held that the SME segment (0 – 249 employees) is underserved. Despite the number of UK SMEs representing 99.9% of total number of UK businesses.


Today, the ‘digital out of home’ presence is omnipresent. Communicating information on your own screens is not only up-to-date, but above all attention-grabbing. The Mediabox® incorporates current news, entertainment, as well as, your current offers, promotions and events to engage your waiting customers.

With the Mediabox®, you are able to make waiting times of your customers more pleasant and better increase brand awareness through engaging content.

Mediabox® enables the capability to earn significant advertising revenues.



Bubbl is a plugin to existing apps for iOS and Android devices that provides customers with location-aware engagement tools. This is done by triggering payloads when entering a certain geographical area. The payloads can consist of simple messages, images, videos, offers and questionnaires. They are all controlled from a central web campaign management dashboard which provides immediate feedback and analytics.

Bubbl can be added to apps within minutes and, once released, campaigns can be set up quickly and easily. This provides great benefit as it means that older apps can be revitalised with new functionality as well as not having to create a brand new app with the headaches of design, build and promotion.


Teaching Continua

Teaching Continua is an online fully interactive self-evaluation and development tool. There are bespoke products for Foundation, Primary, Secondary and Special settings.

The Teaching Continua Process:

  • Starts with teachers taking responsibility for their own development and asking them to self-evaluate against 5 sections and up to 50 sub-sections of teaching.

  • This is Quality Assured by a Team Leader to ensure accuracy of evaluation and gives the school a 'picture' of each individual's (and commonality) strengths and areas of improvement. 

  • The school then selects which areas of teaching it is going to focus on - The product defines Good and Outstanding - BUT, it allows you to bespoke this so that you can define exactly what Good and Outstanding looks like in your school.

  • The product then tracks progress over time.


energy saving & smart technology

We deliver new exciting energy saving and smart technology services, delivered by individuals with a strong public-sector energy background now also operating in the private sector.

This enables the development of a set of new, innovative, relevant, value add opportunities and services. Our knowledge, capability and expertise is enhanced through a range of public, private and academic partnerships.

Our team has installed over £2 million worth of energy efficiency improvements and gained many millions of pounds in invest to save interest free loans for funding in the public sector.

Our offers are based on bespoke consultancy services and tailored products:

  • Energy & Resource Efficiency Advice and Invest to Save Funding

  • Energy Efficiency & Statutory Surveys

  • Project Management, Procurement & Contracts

  • Renewable Energy Advice and Funding

  • Behavioural Change Initiatives

  • Facilitation & Partnerships

We offer our customers with real cash saving and efficiency solutions for their specific needs. We provide direction, advice and support to take care of all energy needs. We build company cultures based on sustainability, trust and longevity.




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